• Compact, Benchtop, Fully Automated, Random Access Clinical Chemistry Analyzer
  • Advanced spectrophotometer with static optical fiber system
  • 9 Wavelengths: 340nm, 405nm, 450nm, 510nm, 546nm, 578nm, 620nm, 660nm, 690nm
  • Throughput 160 tests / hour
  • STAT facility for Emergency samples
  • On board reagent Refrigeration
  • Automatic On board washing
  • Calibration with three Linear and six Non Linear curves
  • Tri-level Quality Control with Levy Jennings plot
  • On line real time reaction curve for each test
  • Auto dilution mode for highly pathological samples with dilution
  • Automatic re-run option for:
    • Samples with too low results
    • Samples in which substrate depletion occurs
    • Samples which cross Linearity limit
    • Test which crosses reagent blank absorbance limit
  • Alarm for reagent or sample insufficient volume
  • Optional LIS and Barcode facility
  • Online application support is available

Category: Clinical Chemistry


Throughput160 tests / hour
Analysis MethodEnd points, Fixed-time (two points), Kinetic, Turbidimetry
Dual Reagents with Reagent Blank and or Sample Blank
Linear and non linear Multi Standard Calibration
Programmable ParametersMore than 300 Test Parameters
SamplesSample Positions: 18
Sample Type: Serum, Plasma, CSF, Urine
Sample Volume: 1-50µL, increment of 0.1µL step
Sample Container Type: Sample Cups, Primary Tubes, Aliquots on Tube
ReagentsOn-board reagents : 26
Reagent Volume: 10 µL – 350 µL, increment by 1µL
Reagent Bottles: 20mL capacity
Reagent cooling: On board cooling at 5°C – 14°C
Reagent Inventory: Calculation of remaining volume and number of tests with alerts
Reaction SystemNumber of Cuvettes: 60 in reaction tray, single removable cuvette
Reaction temperature: 37°C ±0.1°C
Reaction Volume: 180µL – 500µL
Reaction Cuvette optical path length: 6.1mm
Reaction Cuvette size: 5mm×6mm×25mm
Detecting Cycle12 seconds
Optical SystemLight Source:12V, 20W halogen tungsten lamp
Photometer: Static optical fiber, multi wavelength spectrophotometer
Absorbance Range: 0.0000 to 4.0000Abs
Wavelength Bandwidth: ±1.5nm Wavelengths: 9 wavelengths 340nm, 405nm, 450nm, 510nm, 546nm, 578nm, 620nm, 660nm, 690nm
Power Supply100-240V, 50/60 Hz
Input Power: 300A
Quality ControlThree level quality control with levy Jennings plot
Operating SystemWindows 7 or Windows XP
Fuse RequirementT10A, 250V
Working EnvironmentTemperature : 10 ° C – 35° C
Humidity : ≤ 90% RH
Altitude : below 3000 meter
Atmospheric Pressure : 70.0Kpa to 106.0Kpa
Emergency SampleInsert Emergency sample randomly and can be tested with priority
Sample ProbeLiquid level detection : system could automatically keep check on the remaining reagents in reagent bottles.
Collision protection
Probe blocks detection
On board Laundry systemAutomatic 7 step cleaning
Automatic Cuvette cleaning
Spring style internal / external cleaning
cross contamination rate is less than 0.1%
RepeatabilityCoefficient of Variation : ≤ 1%
StabilityWithin one hour, absorbance change is less than 0.01
Data ProcessingCan edit and store more than 300 testing parameters
The patient’s information can be stored infinitely. (depends on the volume of the computer hard disk)
Input and Output DeviceKeyboard, Mouse, Printer, Monitor
PrintingMulti – format printing modes are available to choose
Communication InterfaceRS232 Serial Port, Network Port (expandable)
Dimensions422 x 548 x 383 mm
Weight21.5 kg Apprx

* Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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