AGD Clinipak Clinical Chemistry
AGD Clinipak

Clinical Chemistry

AGD Clinipak

  • Wide range of Clinical Chemistry Kits
  • Liquid stable Reagents
  • Accurate & Precise results and high Linearity
  • Pack size as per requirement
  • Kits provided with Standards
  • Special Tests Kits with Calibrators
  • Mono Vials for Special Tests

Category: Clinical Chemistry

ParameterMethodReagentsPack Size
Cardiac Marker
CK-MBImmuno InhibitionTwo1 x 10 mL
LDH-PIFCC KineticTwo1 x 10 mL
Diabetic Profile
GlucoseGOD/PODOne2 x 500 mL
Hepatic Profile
Total ProteinBiuretOne2 x 100 mL
AlbuminBCGOne2 x 100 mL
Bilirubin T & DJendrassik-GroffTwo2 x 100 mL
Bilirubin T & DBerg & MullerOne4 x 25 mL
Bilirubin T & DBerg & MullerOne2 x 100 mL
SGOTIFCC KineticTwo4 x 25 mL
SGPTIFCC KineticTwo4 x 25 mL
Gamma GTIFCC KineticTwo1 x 10 mL
Alkaline PhosphatasePNPP / AMP KineticTwo2 x 25 mL
Alkaline PhosphatasePNPP / AMP KineticOne25 x 1 mL
Pancreatic Profile
AmylaseGAL-G2-CNPOne1 x 10 mL
LipaseMethyl ResorufinTwo1 x 12 mL
Hematology Profile
HemoglobinAHD Cyanide-freeOne4 x 250 mL
Renal Profile
Urea UVUV KineticTwo4 x 25 mL
CreatinineALK – PicrateOne2 x 100 mL
CreatinineALK – PicrateTwo2 x 100 mL
Uric AcidUricase / PODOne4 x 25 mL
CalciumArsenazo IIIOne4 x 25 mL
CalciumArsenazo IIIOne25 x 1 mL
PhosphorusUVOne25 x 1 mL
MagnesiumXylidyl BlueOne25 x 1 mL
Lipid Profile
CholesterolCHOD/PODOne4 x 25 mL
CholesterolCHOD/PODOne8 x 25 mL
TriglyceridesGPO/PODOne4 x 25 mL
HDL DirectSDTTwo2 x 20 mL
HDL DirectSDTTwo4 x 40 mL
HDL DirectSDTTwo2 x 20 mL


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