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Dr. Amol Javdekar MD (Path) Goodwill Laboratory

I selected their machine after evaluating several others. Their results show very good accuracy and precision, with low sample volume requirements and low cost per test. I will strongly recommend AGD instruments to be used in laboratories where there is demand for precision, excellence.

Dr. Bagwan Narkhede MD (Path) Krishna Pathology Laboratory

Customer Satisfication is the motto experienced by us, from AGD. I also have very good relations with the company and their team. We have experienced almost negligible breakdown of the machine. Apart from the prompt service by the enginners the online support is also very good. I would also refer to many others to buy their machines. I have also seen the upcoming products of the company and they are very good. I will definitely go for AGD products in future.

Dr. V. M. Nerurkar MD (Path) Dr. Nerurkar’s Modern Clinical Laboratory

I am impressed with the motto of the company and the engineers which is always towards service and keeping the customers happy. The engineers always listen, and whatever needs to be done, do it quickly. They respond to the questions almost immediately & address problems very effectively. They are really easy to work with. AGD Biomedicals has made my professional life much easier & for that I am thankful. In addition to all this, the reagents provided by them are very economical than the other instruments. To sum up with I would like to say that, “I am very much jubilant with their sincere & effective support towards me.”

Dr. Ashok Poshirkar MD (Bom) Central Computerised Pathology Laboratory

The performance of the AGD instrument as far as accuracy and precision is very good and this I have autheticated with other machines and laboratories. My work has never been affected as the service back- up is very good.

Dr.Poonam Kuruvilla MD (Path) Kuruvilla Diagnostics

The AGD machines are trouble free. And the cost per test of reagents is very low. There is no overlapping of results and repeating of the tests, it always gives the same values. I have counter checked the results with other standard labs. It is a machine worth having in any laboratory.

Dr. I R Khan MD (Path) Central Pathology, Line Bazar Purina- Bihar

I have been using cellcounter of ERMA for last three years and have found the machine quite reliable and it gives authentic results.Moreover the service provided is very prompt. I am really happy with AGD.

Dr. Dinesh Singh MD (Path) Dinesh Pathology Centre

AGD instrument is reliable, sturdy, affordable and lowest running cost with minimal service requirement. On the basis of twenty years experience I can say the company provides good support system and maintain cordial relations with their users.

Dr. Nitin Kudalkar MD (Path) Sai Pathological Laboratory

I am one of the happiest customers of AGD & am sure majority of their clients fall in same category. I wish them great success & thank them for making our professional life easier.

Dr. Nirukt Acharya (Consultant Pathologist) Sai Krupa Pathology Laboratory

We are fully satisfied with performances and the running cost and excellent Service support also the cost per test of AGD instruments. And really look forward to more instruments from AGD.

Dr . Mrs. S. V. Dikshit MD, D P B X-Ray Clinic & Pathology Laboratory

I am using AGD equipments for the last few years. The service of AGD Biomedicals engineer’s is excellent and I am extremely happy with them. Also the cost per test on AGD machines is economical & cost effective.

Dr S. D. Singh MD (Path) Parul Pathology Centre

The instruments by AGD are reliable and they have the lowest cost per test in the industry. Their machines require minimal service although company provides good service support to users.

Mr Rajesh Butalla Life Line Diagnostics

The service backup is excellent and very prompt. The charges of AMC and reagents are much economical compared to others. I am grateful to AGD Biomedicals for excellent service support and understanding our problems as a pathologist in the present situation.

Dr. Mrs. Shatij M Barve MD (Micro) Dr.Barve’s Clinical Path & Mirobiology Laboratory

 I am very satisfied with the backup and prompt service provided by the company. The supply of reagents is also very quick.

Dr. Salil Kulkarni MD (Path) D P B Link Lab Diagnostic Centre

I have been using the instruments of AGD Biomedicals for over a decade. I am very satisfied with the performance of the machine as well as the service by their engineering team. And in times of need they are extremely co-operative.

Dr. M. M. Kesarwani MD (Path) Ghaziabad Diagnostic Centre (P) Ltd. Ghaziabad

As a user of AGD instruments for more than a decade, I am deeply impressed with their dedication and commitment to service. They respond to us quickly and they address our problems very effectively. The running cost and the results are not only comparable but better than other equipments. In addition to this, reagents provide by the company are very economical. In short, I would like to say, “I am ver much elated with their effective support to me”.

Deepak Kumar Prasad (Laboratory Director) Geeta Molecular Diagnostic Lab Pvt Ltd

The AGD machines are really marvelous. And we have consistently had very good results.