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Our Directors:

All our directors bring diverse, multicultural and versatile strengths to our company. We surround ourselves with smart, experienced people who can help us grow our business and improve our processes. We seek to build and maintain a Board of Directors with a wide range of experiences, competencies and perspectives. And we look for people who are passionate about our current strategies, and can help us adapt them to our ever-changing markets.
Ashish Pradhan the founder and the driving force behind AGD, is the epitome of what our company represents and hopes to achieve. Ashish who literally started the company on his own comes from very modest beginnings. From importing the first machine and carrying it himself to different parts of the country to sell, today Ashish has spearheaded the company to becomes one of the leading company in diagnostics in India and the biggest player in the international market. Ashish is the team leader, guiding force and the man who infuses energy and passion at AGD. To put it simply he helps us achieve the dreams we at AGD set out to be.
Ashim Purohit is an Engineering Graduate with Diploma in Management & Marketing.  With immense and fantastic experience of 29 Years in customer service, sales, product management, marketing & general management.  Having spent formative 14 years with Siemens Medical India, followed by 13 years as Founding President & CEO of Getinge’s Medical Systems (MAQUET), in India, Ashim’s vision, strategies and corporate advise brings invaluable support to AGD.
Vivek Taskar has Master's degree in Advanced Accountancy and Financial Management. He is been with AGD since the beginning. He has Over 36 years experience in carrying out assignments with respect to operations, projects, process improvements, risk analysis, forensics. Having almost three decades of experience Vivek brings great expertise in systems and operations.
Sejal Shah is an award winning journalist and filmmaker. She has been a director at AGD since it’s inception She started her career as a journalist with The Week, and also briefly did a stint at Sunday. Times London. She was also awarded the British Chevening Award for her exceptional contribution to journalism. She has also directed two documentaries, which have won several international awards. As a director with AGD she has played a pivotal role in steering corporate communications, and branding of the company. Sejal has continually worked towards strengthening our communications not only when we speak to our customers but also within our own company.